Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Review

by David Hunteron September 20, 2016
Dear Diary.

Dear Esther comes to consoles on September 20

by Greg Hillon August 25, 2016
The most complete edition to date.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: New Trailer

by Stephen Dunneon June 16, 2014
The end of the world, as you know it.

Humble Bundle 8 is Packing Hotline Miami, Proteus and More

by Colm Ahernon May 28, 2013
Thomas Was Alone, Little Inferno, Awesomenuts...do I need to go on?

Journey Leads the Bafta 2013 Game Award Nominees

by Ben Skipperon February 12, 2013
The 2013 video game BAFTA nominations have been announced, and it's Journey leading the pack.

Dear Esther Review

by Mary Gooddenon February 22, 2012
Can a three-hour walk through a static gameworld deliver an experience that's worth having, or is it merely an exercise in intellectual masturbation?