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Watch Destiny Raid Boss Beaten in 17 Seconds

by Adam Cookon October 17, 2014
Nothing but time
Evil Within Weeble

Podcast Season 7 Episode 11 – They Wobble But Don’t Fall Down

by Teamon October 16, 2014
Adam's frustration at being old continues

Assassin's Creed Unity featured

Podcast Season 7 Episode 10 – Ten hundred and eighty

by Colm Ahernon October 9, 2014
We're missing a few Ps
Alien Isolation preview featured

Podcast Season 7 Episode 9 – The Prodigal Son returns

by Teamon October 3, 2014
Aliens, Football, Destiny, and Ethan Carter.

Destiny featured

Destiny Changes Incoming

by Dan Nayloron September 26, 2014
Some have already been made.

Debatable: Destiny and The Dreaded 7/10

by Colm Ahernon September 22, 2014
On a scale of 7-10, how mediocre was Destiny?

Notch minecraft feat

GodisaGeek Podcast Season 7 Episode 7 – Bringin’ Sexy Back

by Teamon September 19, 2014
It never really went away, though.

Destiny Featured

Destiny Review

by Mick Fraseron September 16, 2014
Bungie's Child