Newsround – Final Fantasy Bombshell

by Colm Ahernon April 1, 2016
Got it, Jack?

Newsround – Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One

by Colm Ahernon February 12, 2016
A hairy situation
Final Fantasy Explorers

Final Fantasy Explorers Review

by Nick Gillhamon January 26, 2016
Monster Explorer


Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII Is Now a Louis Vuitton Model

by Mikhail Madnanion January 5, 2016
So you think you can pull off this choco..outfit?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PC Steam Release

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII now available on Steam

by Adam Cookon December 10, 2015
The third of the thirteenth Final Fantasies, if you will.

Symphonic Fantasies Tickets Go on Sale Tomorrow

by Nicola Ardronon December 10, 2015
Get 'em while they're hot

Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey Gets Price Drop and Future Content Details

by Mikhail Madnanion December 7, 2015
Early adopters get all future content in the season pass for free