The Godcast: Season 7 Episode 5 – Civil War

by Teamon September 3, 2014
What we've got here, is failure to communicate...

Velocity 2X Review

by Colm Ahernon September 2, 2014
Twice the speed of light.

Velocity 2x Release Date Announced

by Adam Cookon August 5, 2014
Coming Soon, but not soon enough, right?

Velocity 2X Screenshots Released

by Dan Nayloron February 6, 2014
Looks brilliant, even in Alpha.

FuturLab Launch Online Merch Store

by Mike Stubbsyon November 21, 2013
Shut up and take my money

Velocity Ultra Coming to PC

by Mike Stubbsyon November 5, 2013
I am Ultra excited.

FuturLab Announce Velocity Sequel for 2X the Fun

by Sean Smithon August 21, 2013
Your once, twice - that's, 2X a quarp jet