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Pokemon trading card game featured

Pokémon Trading Card Game Review

by Sean Smithon July 21, 2014
Gotta deal 'em all?

PMY Featured

Pokémon Y Review

by Sean Smithon October 16, 2013
Gotta catch 'em all - again!
Pokemon X and Y featured

New Pokemon X and Y Trailer is Live Action, a Must See

by Adam Cookon October 11, 2013
Has to be seen to be believed

Pokemon X and Y featured

Pikachu Forces Boyband To Change Name For Pokémon X & Y Publicity

by Lee Garbutton October 9, 2013
Union J become Union XY for one day only.
Pokemon X and Y featured

Mega Charizard X Breathes Blue Flames and Changes Type

by Colm Ahernon October 2, 2013
I remember when Pokemon was simpler

pokemon mega starters banner

Classic Starters and Pokémon Bank Revealed

by James Bowdenon September 4, 2013
Nintendo used Nostalgia. It's Super Effective!