Nintendo Switch: Closer look at the Hardware, Joy-Cons, and more

by Mikhail Madnanion January 14, 2017
Here's how the Joy-Cons, Switch, Dock, and more work together

Itching to Get Your Hands on the Wii U? Good News! Wii U Showcase Tour Coming This Month!

by Jonny Lewison September 14, 2012
If you are one of the many people intrigued about Nintendo’s new home console, you won’t have to wait much longer to get your curious hands on it – come inside for venues and dates!

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Hands-On Preview

by Alex Wozniakon July 19, 2012
We recently got a chance to play Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, read what we thought about it with the full preview at

Hitman: Absolution Hands-On Preview

by Alex Wozniakon July 5, 2012
We recently got a hands-on look at how the latest game in the Hitman franchise, Hitman: Absolution, is coming along. Find out for yourself with the preview.

E3 2012: Hands-On with Capcom’s Resident Evil 6, DmC and Lost Planet 3

by Alex Wozniakon June 28, 2012
Both Lost Planet 3 and DmC, the latest in the Devil May Series, are being developed by Western studios, so I was intrigued to experience their take on these much loved games.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Preview

by Rik Wortmanon January 26, 2012
How is Ghost Recon Future Soldier shaping up? GodisaGeek have taken a look for you.

Eurogamer Expo 2011: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hands-On Preview

by Calvin Robinsonon September 28, 2011
CS: GO is a re-imagining of Counter-Strike: Source, the globally popular PC FPS. The key difference between the two, is that CS: GO is going to be the first multi-platform release of Counter-Strike.

Eurogamer Expo 2011: Ridge Racer Unbounded Hands-On Preview

by Martin Bakeron September 28, 2011
There are a few racing games that have been around long enough to gain themselves a very specific type of fan base. Gran Turismo has the people that enjoy a relatively realistic driving experience, and games such as Ridge Racer have the arcade racers, the people that still enjoy the realism to a certain degree […]

Eurogamer Expo 2011: Mass Effect 3 Hands-On Preview

by Martin Bakeron September 27, 2011
One of the games that I was really looking forward to playing at Eurogamer Expo this year was Mass Effect 3, I loved the first game in the series as well as the second game, a little bit less than the first but I loved playing it all the same. What I was hoping for […]