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R.A.T. TE Gaming Mouse For PC & Mac Announced

R.A.T. TE Gaming Mouse For PC & Mac Announced

by Lee Garbutton January 8, 2014
Mad Catz let the RAT out of the bag...

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Mad Catz M.O.U.S. 9 Wireless Mouse Review

by Sean Smithon May 26, 2013
Everything about this little beauty screams class

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Mad Catz Follow GameSmart Announcement with all new Product Range

by Sean Smithon January 7, 2013
These devices have a lot of features, and there are a ton of things to know - so take a gander at what the always reliable Mad Catz have to say about it all.
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Mad Catz Announce GameSmart Technology for Smart Devices

by Sean Smithon January 4, 2013
A technology initiative that "moves smart devices one step closer to delivering a core gaming experience similar to a gaming console or gaming computer.

Tritton Kunai Stereo Headset for Wii U Review

by Sean Smithon January 3, 2013
You may recall how impressed I was recently when I took a look at the superb 7.1 surround sound Tritton gaming headset – a magnificent peripheral which provided an all-singing, all-dancing solution to all of my home console and PC headset needs.