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Game of the Year 2011: Best DLC/Add-On

Just about every major game nowadays has its life extended by the medium of downloadable content, whether it’s Call of Duty map packs, or skins for fighters, but what is the best that 2011 had to offer?

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Mass Effect 2: Arrival Review

Mass Effect 2: Arrival ReviewGame: Mass Effect 2: Arrival Developer: BioWare Publisher: Electronic Arts Available on: Xbox LIVE Marketplace, PlayStation Network & BioWare Store (Reviewed on Xbox 360) Mass Effect 2 has had some brilliant DLC since its release and many gamers are eagerly anticipating the...
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Mass Effect 2: Arrival Launch Trailer Arrives

At last gamers will get to play the final piece of the Mass Effect 2 puzzle - as in order to celebrate its launch today, Bioware have released a new trailer for this last pack of downloadable content for the game, entitled Arrival. Information about the game has been...
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