The Crew Wild Run Is Ready For You Now

by Richard Simpsonon November 18, 2015
You wanna be in my Crew?

Football Management Game 90 Minute Fever Announced

by Dan Murphyon November 17, 2015
Beta set for early 2016.

Wildstar slider

WildStar Becoming Free to Play

by Dan Murphyon May 28, 2015


Famitsu Magazine Reveal Capcom to Release Dragon’s Dogma Online

by Richard Simpsonon January 27, 2015
Promise of more Dragon Slaying Shenanighans, but with your friends..

Planetside 2 Sets New Record For Simultaneous Players

by Jonny Lewison January 26, 2015
It all sounds rather chaotic..
Blizzard 620

Blizzard Cancels MMO Project Titan

by Robin Parkeron September 24, 2014
And Titan-falls by the wayside