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Ding! Episode 036

by Martin Bakeron October 19, 2012
This week the guys talk about absolutely anything they can think of that's happened within the world of MMO's over the last week or so. The discussion starts with Trey, who's been playing a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic in anticipation of it going free-to-play, then moves on to Calvin and Martin who have been playing a lot of World of Warcraft, particularly the in-game seasonal events. The gang then glossed over some news, mostly about the new Defiance TV show trailer and the Transformer Universe trailer fo...

Transformers Universe Beta Registration Now Open – Gameplay Trailer and Details Here!

by Mick Fraseron October 15, 2012
Given the recent success of High Moon's Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and the anticipation around the upcoming Nintendo-exclusive Transformers Prime, it seems a perfect time for Jagex to launch their own massively multiplayer browser game set in Hasbro's sci-fi universe.

Despite Teething Issues Happy Wars Brings Free to Play to XBLA

by Robin Parkeron October 15, 2012
Toylogic and Microsoft have unleashed a new kind of MMO on Xbox, as the free-to-play fighting title Happy Wars launched at the weekend.


Ding! Episode 035

by Martin Bakeron October 12, 2012
This week the guys talk about Martin's accidental joining of the enemy in War of the Roses, the fact that Calvin seems to be still enjoying World of Warcraft as a Pandaren Monk (yes, including the new Pet Battle System) and Trey talks some more about is extended experiences in Planetside 2, including a bit of talk about the brand new continent that's opened up for beta players. After all that it's the return of the rage as Trey talks about Dust 514. You can hear the entire podcast at, on iTunes or...

Sony Online Entertainment to Launch First Official Wikia Community Alongside Planetside 2

by Jonny Lewison October 10, 2012
Sony is feeling the community spirit as it unveils plans to launch officially backed Wikia community inspired by upcoming MMO sequel Planetside 2

Hear the Sound of Rohan in the New LOTRO Trailer

by Robin Parkeron October 10, 2012
Turbine Inc. have released another new trailer talking about the music of the latest Lord of the Rings Online Expansion - the Riders of Rohan.


Ding! Episode 034

by Martin Bakeron October 5, 2012
This week the guys talk about Mists of Pandaria, as if you'd expect anything less?!? The discussion moves from Martin's experiences with the Pet Battle System to Calvin's thoughts on the Pandaren as a new character class. Trey dismisses everything the two say despite both Martin and Calvin lavishing praise on the latest Blizzard title. The talk then moves on to RIFT and some dubious behaviour from 38 Studios. You're just going to have to listen to find out. You can here the Ding! Podcast on iTunes or over at God...

New Lord of the Rings Online DLC – Riders of Rohan Screens Emerge

by Jonny Lewison October 3, 2012
LOTR Online fans take note – we have a couple of new screens from the next DLC update to your favourite MMO, titled Riders of Rohan

Ding! Episode 033

by Martin Bakeron September 28, 2012
This week the guys talk about The Secret World getting a new Game Director, what that could mean for the future of the game as well as the possibility of it going Free-To-Play. Conversation then moves to the possible leaked release date for Dust 514, whether the guys are excited to play it and whether or not they'll be playing it as soon as it comes out. The guys talk a little bit about Mists of Pandaria, The War Z and other MMO news but you'll have to listen to find out exactly what...Listen to the entire podca...