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[CLOSED] Marvel Heroes Beta Key Giveaway

by Calvin Robinsonon November 20, 2012
Marvel Heroes beta is coming soon, and we have a bunch of keys to giveaway to ten lucky readers.

WeekenDing! Episode 039

by Martin Bakeron November 17, 2012
On the 39th episode of Ding!, and the very first episode of WeekenDing!, the video version of the podcast that hopes to give you something interesting in the weeks when the main Ding! podcast doesn't air, we join Calvin who went it alone to talk to Star Trek Online's Online Community Manager, Brandon Felczer about the new features that's coming to the game with the release of Season 07. Watch the video at, on iTunes or on the YouTube channel.

Ding! Episode 038

by Martin Bakeron November 9, 2012
This week the guys talk about BioWare finally announcing the date at which Star Wars: The Old Republic will finally go free-to-play. Martin gets a little bit excited about the idea of playing his Smuggler again and Calvin debates about whether or not it's going to make him want to start playing again. The guys then talk about other news in the MMO world such as TERA merging servers, the new gameplay video from The Elder Scrolls online and Calvin and Trey's experience with The War Z's beta. You can hear the entir...


The Story Mechanic Part Nine: Lore Unto Themselves

by Mark Bridleon October 26, 2012
The Story Mechanic is a fortnightly column from Mark Bridle, celebrating narrative and story. This week, chatting MMOs. Read the full article at

Ding! Episode 037

by Martin Bakeron October 26, 2012
This week the guys talk about absolutely anything they can think of which, this week, consisted of a new World of Warcraft offer allowing newcomers to get the game and its first two expansions for a mere £4, a long discussion about MMO mobile apps, what they should have in order to make them useful and whether or not the guys would use them and the new Gateway system from Star Trek Online. Listen to the entire podcast at, on iTunes or on Stitcher.

Ding! Episode 036

by Martin Bakeron October 19, 2012
This week the guys talk about absolutely anything they can think of that's happened within the world of MMO's over the last week or so. The discussion starts with Trey, who's been playing a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic in anticipation of it going free-to-play, then moves on to Calvin and Martin who have been playing a lot of World of Warcraft, particularly the in-game seasonal events. The gang then glossed over some news, mostly about the new Defiance TV show trailer and the Transformer Universe trailer fo...

Transformers Universe Beta Registration Now Open – Gameplay Trailer and Details Here!

by Mick Fraseron October 15, 2012
Given the recent success of High Moon's Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and the anticipation around the upcoming Nintendo-exclusive Transformers Prime, it seems a perfect time for Jagex to launch their own massively multiplayer browser game set in Hasbro's sci-fi universe.

Despite Teething Issues Happy Wars Brings Free to Play to XBLA

by Robin Parkeron October 15, 2012
Toylogic and Microsoft have unleashed a new kind of MMO on Xbox, as the free-to-play fighting title Happy Wars launched at the weekend.

Ding! Episode 035

by Martin Bakeron October 12, 2012
This week the guys talk about Martin's accidental joining of the enemy in War of the Roses, the fact that Calvin seems to be still enjoying World of Warcraft as a Pandaren Monk (yes, including the new Pet Battle System) and Trey talks some more about is extended experiences in Planetside 2, including a bit of talk about the brand new continent that's opened up for beta players. After all that it's the return of the rage as Trey talks about Dust 514. You can hear the entire podcast at, on iTunes or...