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Minecraft gets Story Mode themed skin pack

by Greg Hillon April 6, 2016
Two worlds combine.

Minecraft 1.9 combat update brings shields, dual-wielding and attack cool-down

by Greg Hillon February 29, 2016
From nervous coward to killing machine.


Minecraft: Story Mode Comes to Wii U on January 21

by Nick Gillhamon January 18, 2016
Building up to something
Minecraft feat

Minecraft’s “Biggest Update Ever” Goes Live

by Greg Hillon December 18, 2015
More blocks than ever.


Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 out this month

by Dan Nayloron November 12, 2015
Looks like they're keeping this pace up.
Minecraft halloween costumes

Minecraft gets Halloween themed DLC

by Adam Cookon October 26, 2015