Podcast (12/05/16): Kon’nichiwa

by Dan Murphyon May 12, 2016
A newcomer enters the ring

Geek of Thrones #4 – Oath Breaker (S6E03)

by Dan Murphyon May 11, 2016
We're back, just like him.

Geek of Thrones #3 – Home (S6E02)

by Dan Murphyon May 5, 2016
Snowing in May

Podcast (05/05/16): Uncharted Casters

by Dan Murphyon May 5, 2016
Guess who's back?

Geek of Thrones #2 – The Red Woman (S6E01)

by Dan Murphyon April 28, 2016
On this weeks episode of Geek of Thrones, God is a Geek’s weekly Game of Thrones podcast, Dan and Chris discuss in all the details the season 6 Premier, 'The Red Woman'.


The God is a Geek Game of the Year Podcast 2015

by Teamon December 24, 2015
It's a hell of a ride

Podcast 11/12/15: Speaking of Hitler…

by Dan Nayloron December 10, 2015
Also starring Triceracop.