Batman: Return to Arkham Review

by Chris Whiteon October 21, 2016
Batman Returns.

Batman: Arkham VR Review

by Adam Cookon October 5, 2016
Be the Bat.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is still a special game

by Gary Baileyon July 31, 2016
The best superhero game ever made?

Report – Batman: Return to Arkham leaked by magazine, coming this June

by Adam Cookon May 7, 2016
Surely it'll be officially announced soon?

Batman: Arkham Knight to Get 1989 Batmobile DLC Next Week

by Chris Whiteon August 14, 2015
Play the DLC in the pale moonlight

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Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC leaves you wanting more

by Adam Cookon July 15, 2015
Merely an appetiser, hopefully.

Podcast (02/07/15) – Heat Wave

by Adam Cookon July 3, 2015
It's too hot, apparently.