Guerrilla Games is working on an expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn

by Mikhail Madnanion March 17, 2017
Best selling new first party IP launch on PS4

resogun ps4 pro update

Resogun PS4 Pro patch released

by Mikhail Madnanion February 20, 2017
4K Resogun
Horizon Zero Dawn review

Horizon Zero Dawn Review

by Chris Whiteon February 20, 2017
Rage against the machines.

horizon zero dawn press kit

Watch us unbox the Horizon: Zero Dawn Press Kit

by Adam Cookon February 16, 2017
Cos we can't show you the game, yet.

How to beat Nioh’s toughest boss: Hino-enma

by Adam Cookon February 6, 2017
Team Ninja know hard.