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PS4 Update 2.00 Out Now, Video Explains New Features

by Adam Cookon October 28, 2014
SharePlay video also released

Here’s How Shareplay Will Work in PS4 Update 2.00

by Adam Cookon October 25, 2014
It launches on October 28th.

Fluster Cluck Review

Fluster Cluck Review

by Mick Fraseron October 23, 2014
What are ya? Chikkin?
Driveclub review

DriveClub Review

by Dan Nayloron October 21, 2014
If you're not in the Club, you're in the way


Latest on Driveclub: PS+ Announcement “Soon”

by Adam Cookon October 17, 2014
Getting there, slowly
PS4 Firmware 2

PS4 Firmware 2.00 Features Revealed, Coming this Autumn

by Adam Cookon October 16, 2014
You'll be able to play music from a USB stick.

Driveclub 620

Driveclub’s Free PS Plus Version Held Back

by Lee Garbutton October 8, 2014
But at least you can still pay for it...

Driveclub 620

Sony Lists Wheels Compatible with DriveClub

by Dan Nayloron October 1, 2014
For that extra bit of realism.