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Final Fantasy XIV free trial expanded and patch 3.56 is now available

by Mikhail Madnanion March 28, 2017
Square Enix has just expanded the free trial and released patch 3.56 for Final Fantasy XIV. Earlier, the free trial was restricted to 14 days but now there’s a level restriction instead. Free trial accounts can play FFXIV up till level 35. Even expired free trial accounts can be reactivated with this update. Patch 3.56 […]


I Am Setsuna (Nintendo Switch) Review

by Nick Gillhamon March 14, 2017
Snowbody knows the trouble I’ve seen
Nier Automata preview

NieR: Automata Review

by Chris Whiteon March 6, 2017
Paranoid Android.


Final Fantasy XV gets Booster Pack + DLC and 1.05 update

by David Hunteron February 20, 2017
Gather round and hear the king's tale.