Terraria Coming to 3DS and Wii U – Confirmed!

by Jonny Lewison June 9, 2015
Had to happen eventually!

Terraria: New-Gen Review

by Mick Fraseron November 13, 2014
You dig?

Terraria Going Next-gen

by Dan Nayloron June 4, 2014
Can you dig it?

Terraria PS Vita Review

by Mick Fraseron December 30, 2013
A world of your own.

Terraria Arrives On PS Vita

by Sean Smithon December 11, 2013
2D Minecraft-y fun on the move now available for Vita

Ginormous Terraria update for consoles and mobile platforms

by Matt Buckleyon November 8, 2013
Multiplayer for mobiles, and tons more for consoles