Check out L.A. Noire in 4K

by Dan Murphyon October 26, 2017
Rockstar's remaster of L.A. Noire is looking pretty in this new 4K Ultra HD trailer.

Ubisoft’s arcade shooter Space Junkies to get beta in 2018

by Dan Murphyon October 12, 2017
Ubisoft's VR arcade shooter Space Junkies is getting a beta in 2018.

Every HTC Vive purchase now comes with FallOut 4

by Dan Murphyon October 2, 2017
Every purchase of a HTC Vive will now come with FallOut 4 VR in a new bundle.

Sci-Fi Horror Syndrome Coming Next Month

by Dan Murphyon September 26, 2017
New sci-fi survival horror Syndrome is set to release for PS4, Xbox One, PC and VR in October.

Gran Turismo Sport in VR purrs like a kitten

by John Vanderhoefon June 15, 2017
Of course, having the full cockpit helps