Chillingo Celebrate The iPad 2’s Launch With Massive Sale!

by on March 12, 2011

Did you run out and get a brand new, sexy, shiny iPad 2 today? Just like Steve Jobs wanted you to? If you did then you’ll probably be after some nice games to play on your awesome new device. If you’re in any country other than the US, and you’ve got to wait another 2 weeks to get your iPad 2 on, then you can still get some amazing iPad games at a bargain price.

Chillingo, as always, has you covered. Such nice people they are!

Chillingo are celebrating the launch of Apple’s latest iOS device, the iPad 2, with a massive sale across some of their most popular iPad games. With games such as iBomber Defence and Master of Alchemy all going for a mere 59p how can you say no?

Here are all the sale items you can get to fill your nice new (or upcoming) iPad 2 with. Just click the titles to be taken straight to the iTunes page.

  • Master of Alchemy:
    What if you could transform lead into gold? Or distil the essence of life itself? The possibilities of Alchemy are limitless, but now it is under threat. In this remarkable and revolutionary puzzle game, take on the Mechanologists in your bid to restore Alchemy to supremacy. Use over 20 different abilities across 60 levels to transform solid, liquid and gaseous elements into magical new materials as you solve all of the ingenious puzzles!

    Master of Alchemy’s game mechanics enable puzzle challenges and solutions like no other game. Transform elements using alchemy tools to make stunning discoveries and become the fabled Master of Alchemy …

  • Great Adventures:
    During a ferocious snowstorm, a car carrying two passengers crashes into a snowdrift. Uninjured but stranded, the friends are relieved to discover shelter in an isolated luxury hotel complex hidden in the mountains.

    After investigating their stunning surroundings, the friends discover evidence hinting that a renowned scientist has been killed! The eccentric genius had developed an invention which could change the future of the human race for better or worse. However, someone has stolen it and the future of humanity is now at stake …

  • Lamp of Aladdin:
    Help Aladdin complete magical quests in this incredible iPad puzzle game. Find hidden objects within stunning fantasy environments and forge pathways through mystical gem mazes on a quest to rescue his princess sweetheart.

    Aladdin’s lamp gave him everything: wealth, power and glory … but not the heart of his beloved princess. To rescue her and earn her hand, Aladdin must undertake an almost impossible task as he gathers the Tree of Life’s magic fruit. With professional voice acting and an enchanting story, this is one adventure you can’t miss!

  • Sneezies HD:
    Grab a cup of tea, relax on your favorite beanbag, and enjoy the soothing, melodic gameplay and fantastic HD graphics in the all-new iPad adaptation of the iPhone’s most addictive, casual viral game, Sneezies – an overload

    of cuteness!

  • iBomber Defense:
    The world of iBomber has got bigger and better! iBomber Defense combines classic tower defense gameplay with the intense action and strategy of the original iBomber games. Keep enemies at bay all over the world using a

    variety of weapons and tactics, from rattling Machine guns, explosive cannons and awesome anti-aircraft artillery!

  • Cooties HD:
    Tap and swipe those nasty cooties and stop them from reaching your vital organs in this colorful and fun family

    blast! Kids and grown ups alike will fall in love with this bright, funny, clever germ defense game.

  • Doodle Invasion HD:
    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a gigantic space ship and it’s dropping a big green Doodle Invader into the ocean…oh great. Use your doodling skills to create breakers to stop the evil spawn of the giant green alien from

    reaching Doodle Bay in this addictive and challenging doodle defense game!

All these games are available now from Apple’s App Store for just a fraction of their usual cost, only 59p each! Get them while you can, the offer is only on until Sunday March 13th!