Fight Night Champion DLC To Go Bare-Fist

by on March 25, 2011

Get ready to step outside the ring and into a full-scale street fight as Electronic Arts are warming up a new DLC pack for Fight Night Champion. The Heavyweight Legends Pack will add a selection of Legendary boxers to the game, but will also make a new game mode available for play – Bare Knuckle Boxing. The play mode was featured in the story mode of the latest Fight Night, but now you can choose to play Bare Knuckle Bouts, or even fight with “Old School Rules”. With no timer, no referee and last man standing rules, the match will also allow players to throw as many illegal shots as they like.

Unfortunately, not every licensed fighter in the game would agree to be included in this mode – for the obvious negative associations that could be made. Those fighters who are unavailable for Old School Rules matches are; Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Ray Leonard, Evander Holyfield, Roberto Duran, Vitali Klitschko and Wladimir Klitschko. Bare Knuckle fights can be fought in; Offline Play Now, Online Ranked / Unranked and Online World Championships. Old School Rules are only playable in Offline Play Now, all other modes only support Bare Knuckle fighting.

The Heavyweight Legends Pack also features the addition of five new fighting legends. Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano and Floyd Patterson will all be available across game modes after this DLC has been purchased. Electronic Arts have even added a new pack that will offer alternative fighting classes for some of the boxers who have fought at different weights in their career. Requested by the fan community, those boxers are; Featherweight Manny Pacquiao, Lightweight Manny Pacquiao, Lightweight Oscar De La Hoya, Middleweight Roy Jones Jr, Middleweight Bernard Hopkins, Welterweight Roberto Duran, Middleweight Thomas Hearns, Welterweight Pernell Whitaker.

But thats not all, EA are going to offer a variety of purchasing options, for those who might only want specific add-ons. The whole Heavyweight Legends Pack – including the Bare Knuckles mode – will cost 800 MS Points/$10.00. Individual fighters can also be purchased for 160 MS Pts/$2.00 each. The Bare Knuckles Boxing Pack can also be bought by itself for 320 MS Pts/$4.00. And finally the Alternate Weight Class Pack can only be bought separately, and that will set you back a paltry 80 MS/$1.00 for all boxers.

In a parting shot, Electronic Arts promised “additional content that we know you’ll all love”, so Godisageek will let you know as soon as that information is released. But for now, lets get readyyyyyy to rumbleeeeeeeee!

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Fight Night Champion is out now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The DLC will be released on March 29th worldwide on XBOX 360, and for PS3 users the DLC will be available on March 29th in North America/Japan and on March 30th in Europe.