War in The North 360 degree Screenshots Released

by on October 14, 2011

Warner Bros have today released not one but two, yes two! Interactive 360 degree screenshots of their upcoming Lord of The Rings title, War in The North.

These interactive screenshots give expansive views of the game, offering full perspective on these unexplored lands and threats of the North. The Fellowship of Human, Elf and Dwarf are surrounded by Agandaûr’s minions – but there is hope while the company is true.

One image shows Mirkwood, lying to the east of the Misty Mountains. This dark, heavily forested area is home to the Elves –  but due to its dark, uncultivated landscape it also attracts evil.

The second image displays the frozen vista of Mount Gundabad, at the intersection of the two mountain ranges – the Misty Mountains and the Grey Mountains. Previously a sacred land for the Dwarf race, it has fallen to the orcs, and become one of their most powerful strongholds.

The screens can be viewed in all their interactive glory over at the War in The North website or can be downloaded here. QuickTime is required to view.