Let’s Play: Lords of Football

by on April 5, 2013

It’s been coming a while now, but the game that appears to be part Football Management and part Life Sim is finally upon us.

While our review is a little way off yet (it’s a deep looking game, with a lot of features and mechanics) we thought we’d bring you something to look at for launch day, to at least help you decide if the game is for you, or not.

So join me as I start my career as a potential Lord of Football, of course being a local boy I picked Southampton, before getting my team practising their passing, then setting them loose on the town for the night. Match day was next, and despite going 1-0 down, I brought it back to 1-1 with some fortuitous (if comedic) goalkeeping blunders. For those wondering, whilst the video ends at half time, I actually won 5-2, but had two men sent off. So there’s some seriously crazy variables going on in that match engine.

Lords of Football is available now for Windows PC via Steam for £21.24.