First pre-alpha gameplay footage of System Shock 1 Remastered released

by on March 14, 2016

Night Dive Studios have released a quick peek at some pre-alpha gameplay footage of their upcoming remaster of cult classic System Shock 1.

Night Dive Studios acquired the rights to the System Shock franchise IP from the Star Insurance Company, which picked them up after original developer Looking Glass Studios was forced to relinquish the assets following its closure. The studio is now developing both a remaster of the original as well as System Shock 3.

The pre-alpha footage, which you can see above, is the result of Night Dive Studio’s work to faithfully recreate the atmosphere of the original game while while updating the user interface and graphics to the Unity engine. There are definitely some Alien: Isolation vibes going on, and while it’s only a two-minute clip, it’s safe to assume that hype has now skyrocketed to illegal levels.

No word on a release date or console support just yet.