Wander about in the freezing cold as Kona is out on Steam Early Access

by on March 11, 2016

The power supply is intermittent. A layer of snow covers Manastan. Packs of wolves are on the hunt from starvation. The small town feels even quieter than usual while the potential death from the cold surrounds the town.
So is the background to Kona.

Set in the 1970s you will explore, investigate, and occasionally fight the elements to discover the truth.

The story revolves around private detective Carl Faubert who has been pulled into a situation at Atamipek Lake in Manastan.
With only his pickup truck and whatever he can find in the seemingly empty town, Carl begins an investigation to get to the bottom of things.
A mystery, the Canadian North and a detective.

Kona will be released soon but you can check it out through Steam and GOG.com and is available now at 33% off on Steam Early Access.