Hand of Fate 2 coming in 2017

by on April 5, 2016

Hand of Fate 2 has today been announced and will be hitting PC, Mac and Linux in early 2017.

The sequel to Hand of Fate will have many new features such as companions to assist you on your quest and in combat, new challenges for dungeons that make it harder than just finding the exit and of course tons of new equipment and other cards.

The dealer will also make his return, despite *spoiler alert* being defeated in the first game, and this time he will be training the heroine 100 years after the events of the original game so she can defeat the original game’s protagonist, who now thrives as a villainous tyrant.

“Hand of Fate demanded players prepare themselves for any possible outcome with each overturned card,” said Morgan Jaffit, director at Defiant Development. “With the new mechanics we’ve added into Hand of Fate 2, even players who mastered the first game will once again be challenged by the luck of the draw.”

I reviewed Hand of Fate way back in early 2015, and loved it, so as you would expect I am extremely excited about the sequel.