Top-down shooter Battle Drones: Red Rock Resistance is getting a Steam Next Fest demo

by on February 6, 2023

Battle Drones: Red Rock Resistance, a top down shooter inspired by the “golden days of Call of Duty Zombies and infused with elements from Soulstone Survivors” is getting a demo on as part of the Steam Next Fest event.

In the newly released cinematic trailer, the developers says that “players will meet enigmatic drone salesman Solomon Burgundy, who will help them build a formidable battle drone with an arsenal of weaponry. These weapons and upgrades will be vital in fighting the hordes of AI-piloted drones from an ominous megacorporation”.

You can check that trailer out, below:


The characters and world of Battle Drones are another area which will draw in players. Telling the mad-cap story of the aforementioned Solomon, Elord Odor (owner of a shady and mysterious drone corporation) and the strange aliens that have begun showing up in New Mexico, Battle Drones is a funny and entertaining title that players will enjoy experiencing in the new demo.

As the story unfolds the player wont have their gameplay interrupted by cutscenes that would slow down the action – they’ll learn about the lore through clues hidden in the environment and the items they collect.

Players will be kept on their toes and coming back for more as they explore new areas while fighting ever more difficult enemies. Competition will be fierce as players challenge each other’s high scores to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Battle Drones: Red Rock Resistance is developed by Battle Drones (that’s the developer name), based in New Zealand. The game demo will launch at 6pm (UK time) and 12noon (Eastern), or 10am Pacific Time.

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