Outer Terror is out right now

by on April 20, 2023

VoxPop Games has today announced the release of its brand new pulp action bullet hell horror game Outer Terror, available on Steam and the Epic Game Store, out right now. In this horde shooter, “you assemble a ridiculous arsenal of weapons and blitz through endless waves of cosmic creatures in stylish roguelite worlds that pay homage to classic B-movies and the Golden Age of horror comics of the 80’s and 90’s.”

Outer Terror can be played both solo and with a friend, where players fight through decimated cities that are swarming with deadly cosmic creatures, where players will take part in chaotic combat in an effort to take them down and stay alive as long as possible. There’re five unique chapters that’ll feature ten playable characters, each one equipped with their signature weapons and special attacks, forming an anthology of classic horror stories. Each of the maps are huge, where players will discover other survivor dens and treasures, culminating in big boss battles.

The main features of Outer Terror include:

  • Battle, Loot and Explore – Discover other treasures and hidden items as you explore each massive map. This may lead to boss encounters and otherworldly abominations.
  • Weapon Stacking – Each player will experience increasing difficulty as gameplay progresses, bringing the opportunity to upgrade and gain new weapons and powers.
  • 2p Co-Op Gameplay – Sit back and enjoy side by side expansive cooperative play in Local 2-player Couch & Online modes!
  • Unique Characters – Players can choose to play as one of the 10 survivors, each boasting unique weapons and skills that will help them in battle.
  • Nostalgic Art Style – Inspired by B-movies and classic comic books Outer Terror features art from renowned digital artist Joe Roman (Chito).
  • Don’t Die! – Each volume of Outer Terror is packed with hordes of enemies set on ending your run, whether it be a vampiric zombie polar bear, the mangled remains of a pet bunny rabbit, or a pack of sentient toasters.