Dungeonborne revealed, extraction dungeon crawler playable during Steam Next Fest

by on January 27, 2024

Mithril Interactive has revealed Dungeonborne, an “extraction dungeon crawler” developed in Unreal Engine 5, that’ll be playable during the Steam Next Fest, from February 2nd to February 12th.

The developer says of its game: “Dungeonborne is an extraction experience dungeon crawler in which players band together in small groups or play solo to seek treasure on the backdrop of a gritty gothic setting overrun by monsters and other adventurers. Sharp tactical wit, team composition and terrain understanding will all contribute towards success as adventurers are thrust into dangerous situations with nothing but a sword and a dream”.

Check out the announce trailer, below:


Dungeonborne is set in a bleak, medieval world lined with gothic spires and monsters hiding in dark corners. The forsaken realm players find themselves in has a soul of its own, resurrecting the dead to raise arms once more and protect the treasures and riches that players seek.

Brave adventurers will storm castle ramparts and raid treasuries in elaborate environments built in Unreal Engine 5. To deepen immersion, Dungeonborne will also feature stereoscopic spatial audio creating subtle, almost illusory sounds of footsteps, the creaking of a door and other background sounds. Watchful players will notice these subtle audio cues, and sharp minds will use this knowledge to their advantage.

Here’s some of the key features that the developer sent over:

  • The ‘extraction’ mechanic, giving players the option to finish their adventure and safely secure their loot, or venture further to seek more at the cost of losing it all should they perish. This is further enhanced by the addition of a safezone that shrinks with time, adding a layer of battle royale pressure and influencing decision making as adventurers attempt to escape with their haul.
  • An array of player classes that are highly specialised, from household fantasy classes such as Rogue and Priest that embody traditional genre tropes to more specialized options such as the Pyromancer and Cryomancer that rain destruction and freeze enemies in place, or the Death Knight class built around imprisoning enemies and manipulating the battlefield..
  • Environmental combat, from utilizing high ground, shadows and traps to gain advantage, to transforming into a mimic chest and ambushing greedy opponents. Combat is further enhanced by a flask and potion system that allows players to utilize alchemic concoctions to either heal themselves or deal damage to their foes.
  • Extensive crafting & enhancement systems that further improve loot that players acquire, deepening and expanding buildcrafting.
  • An in-game auction house that allows players to sell items they’ve acquired on their latest adventure, or buy other players’ weapons and armour before venturing out again.


There’s more information revealed, too. We’ve also got the player classes revealed so far:

  • Cryomancer, a mage versed in ice magic that can conjure snowstorms to slow enemies, or encase themselves in a protective ice barrier if danger draws near.
  • Swordmaster, a master of warfare that can rain psionic blades on their opponent, dealing massive damage.
  • Pyromancer, a wizard well versed in the art of fiery destruction, capable of casting pyroblasts and burning everything in their vicinity to a crisp.
  • Death Knight, an undead warrior brought to life by necromancy capable of gripping foes with spectral chains and pulling them towards their doom.

Dungeonborne is coming to PC.