Every HTC Vive purchase now comes with FallOut 4

by Dan Murphyon October 2, 2017
Every purchase of a HTC Vive will now come with FallOut 4 VR in a new bundle.

Fallout 4 soundtrack gets 6LP deluxe vinyl treatment

by Mikhail Madnanion June 9, 2016
I hope Bethesda knows you can't patch vinyl

Of course there’s a bigger boobs mod for Fallout 4

by Nick Gillhamon June 1, 2016
What's the wasteland without boobs?

Fallout 4 Far Harbor fix coming to PS4 following performance issues

by Greg Hillon May 30, 2016
"Performance-sapping fog effect" blamed for framerate dips.

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Fallout 4: Far Harbor Review

Fallout 4: Far Harbor Review

by Mick Fraseron May 30, 2016
Valentine's way.

Fallout 4 mods limited to 2GB on Xbox One

by Greg Hillon May 28, 2016
If mods use DLC, you'll have to own the specific DLC to download.

Fallout 4’s largest DLC, Far Harbor, available today

by Greg Hillon May 19, 2016
Fallout 4’s final pre-summer DLC Far Harbor is available today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Far Harbor is the largest piece of downloadable content ever created by Bethesda Softworks, taking players to the mountainous state of Maine and providing access to a variety of brand new quests, settlements, outfits and weapons. A descriptor […]