Gunnar Optiks Review

by Benjamin Maltbieon December 13, 2013
They don't make your eyes shoot lasers.

Interview: CD Projekt RED on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

by Benjamin Maltbieon July 1, 2013
Save games on PS4/XB1, No co-op, and updating on the fly through Xbox One.

Interview: Everything You Could Want To Know About Infinite Crisis

by Benjamin Maltbieon June 30, 2013
The superhero MOBA you've been waiting for, perhaps

Opinion: My Eyes, The Goggles Do…Something!

by Benjamin Maltbieon June 20, 2013
Benjamin has his mind blown by the Oculus Rift

Let’s Play: Flying Red Barrel

by Benjamin Maltbieon June 5, 2013
We continue to bury Benjamin in bullet-hell titles.

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Let’s Play Indie: Das Überleben

by Benjamin Maltbieon May 24, 2013
Das Überleben is awkward, hilarious and a unique form of bonding between my generation and my parent's.

Anomaly 2 Review

by Benjamin Maltbieon May 19, 2013
Anomaly 2 is an entry into the tower defence / offence genre that 11bit Studios created themselves with the critically acclaimed Anomaly: Warzone Earth; A genre that absolutely thrives on head-to-head competition. Fans will be glad to know that the spiced-up mechanics of this sequel do nothing to ruin that. Still on offer are bite-size […]

Let’s Play Indie: Music of the Spheres

by Benjamin Maltbieon May 17, 2013
Benjamin takes a look at Music of the Spheres. Does he like it? No. Does that make him an insufferable curmudgeon void of artistic sensibility? Probably.