New Marvel Heroes Developer Diary, Building a Hero

by Laura Bakeron January 29, 2013
Gazillion have released a brand new developer diary, entitled "Building a Hero", which focuses on bringing the iconic superheroes to life.

Crysis 3 Beta Gameplay Video Released

by Laura Bakeron January 25, 2013
EA have just sent us word that earlier this week they recorded some footage from the upcoming Crysis 3 beta, and the video shows off the gameplay pretty well.

Alien Breed Coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita

by Laura Bakeron January 11, 2013
Popular top-down shooter is finally coming to PS Vita and PlayStation 3, Team17 have announced.

Tomb Raider Receiving the Limited Edition Controller Treatment for Xbox 360

by Laura Bakeron January 11, 2013
Retailing at £39.99 (ERP), Lara Croft's exciting looking Tomb Raider reboot will be getting a limited edition controller for Xbox 360, one which includes the switching D-pad, no less.


F1 Race Stars Receives New Tracks Today

by Laura Bakeron January 8, 2013
Today sees the release of new content, in the form of India, China, Canada and Europe race tracks.

EDF 2017 Hits PS Vita for North American Players Today

by Laura Bakeron January 8, 2013
Though the European release isn't until January 16, North American fans of the EDF series (EDF! EDF! EDF!) get to play the new portable PS Vita version of 2017 today.

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BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite will Ship on a Single Disc for Xbox 360

by Laura Bakeron January 7, 2013
A recent Twitter post from Ken Levine, Lead Designer on the forthcoming BioShock Infinite, has confirmed that the game will ship on a single disc for the Xbox 360, whereas the PC version of the title will be on three discs.

Nvidia Announce their First Games Console – Project Shield

by Laura Bakeron January 7, 2013
As a video game website it always excites us when a new games console it announced. We expect it from the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, being the big three over the last decade or so, but a new games console from Nvidia? That took us by surprise.

Demo Version of Edna & Harvey: The Breakout Makes an Appearance on the iPad

by Laura Bakeron January 4, 2013
If you're a regular reader of (and you should be) then you'll have noticed that we recently posted a review for the latest game in the Enda & Harvey series; Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes