New character from Risen 2: Dark Waters revealed

by Neranjan Venomon March 21, 2012
Today a fifth member of the cast of castaways that make up Risen 2: Dark Waters was revealed. As you can see the aptly named Bones will be making an appearance in this upcoming pirate themed epic. Bones was formally the ships doctor but was betrayed by his crew and left for dead. Bones was […]

Halfbrick Studios Acquire Onan Games

by Neranjan Venomon March 20, 2012
In a great move made today, Indie developer Halfbrick Studios acquires Onan Games.  You may know Halfbrick Studios for the game Fruit Ninja which has been able to be successful on both mobile and consoles. Now Halfbrick takes a decisive step in it’s ability to port games. Onan Games is known for their Mandreel technology […]

SEGA Announces Binary Domain for PC

by Neranjan Venomon March 19, 2012
Today SEGA announced that their recently released shooter Binary Domain will be coming to the PC in April 2012. Released for XBOX 360 and PS3 in February Binary Domain comes to us from the acclaimed development team behind SEGA’s YAKUZA franchise and has been well received. Now PC gamers can experience the dystopian robotic future […]

NEOGEO X is Confirmed, Price Announced [UPDATED]

by Neranjan Venomon March 16, 2012
Maybe the X in the name means this is the first handheld with mutant powers.

New epic trailer for Heroes Of Ruin!

by Neranjan Venomon March 14, 2012
All I can say is my jaw just dropped with the new ‘Customization and Personalization’ trailer for Heroes Of Ruin. It may not be Skyrim but for a Nintendo 3DS game it is a pretty epic trailer. Developed by n-space and produced by Square Enix London, Heroes OF Ruin looks to be a RPG fanboy […]

Risen 2: Dark Waters gets a release date.

by Neranjan Venomon March 14, 2012
Argh matey! Growing up as a kid I watched a great cartoon called Pirates Of Dark Water. That show blended pirates and magic with excellent story telling and now fans of all three of those things can get their swashbuckling on with Risen 2: Dark Water. Coming ashore for PC on April 27, 2012 Risen 2:Dark […]

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Fighters Club Preview

by Neranjan Venomon March 14, 2012
We recently got a chance to get some hand-on time with a preview for the upcoming MMO/Brawler, Fighters Club at GDC 2012. Find out what we thought with the preview.

The Gunstringer Gets Games On Demand Release And New DLC To Boot.

by Neranjan Venomon March 14, 2012
The Gunstringer is released on games on demand and and also has new DLC.

Yakuza: Dead Souls Hits PS3 This Week

by Neranjan Venomon March 12, 2012
Yakuza: Dead Souls gets a North American and European release this week