Ümloud 2011 – Rockband Night for Charity

by Ruk Coorayon December 13, 2011
On Thursday December 8th San Francisco’s DNA Lounge was abuzz with the sound of [rock] music. Gamers and Industry professionals came from all over to participate in Ümlouds 3rd annual non-profit gaming fundraiser for Child’s Play. Childs Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in […]

F1 2011 Review

by Mark Bridleon October 5, 2011
Game: F1 2011 Developer: Codemasters Birmingham Publisher: Codemasters Available on: Xbox 360, PC & PlayStation 3 (Reviewed on Xbox 360) If we are all honest with ourselves, no actually wants to play a Formula 1 title. We just want to be Formula 1 drivers. For this reason, there is no harder game to make than an F1 game. You can […]

F1 2011 Speeding Into Stores This Week!

by Martin Bakeron September 20, 2011
F1 2011, the follow up to the 2 million-plus selling, BAFTA award-winning F1 2010, will race into retail this week. F1 2011 is today shipping to stores in North America and will accelerate onto shelves across European and PAL territories on Friday 23rd for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The PC edition is […]

Join the scrum as Rugby World Cup 2011 hits retail today

by Robin Parkeron August 26, 2011
As you may have seen, the GodisaGeek staff have been following the new official game of the 2011 Rugby World Cup quite closely, including previews and attending a mock World Cup event. Most recently, we brought you some High Definition footage from the game to give you a little taster of how it plays – […]

Bethesda Release More Prey 2 and Dishonored Screenshots

by Mark Bridleon August 17, 2011
Bethesda aren’t just showing off Rage and Elder Scrolls Skyrim at Gamescom 2011, oh no. Aside from those hugely hyped titles, they also have the quietly exciting Prey 2 and the horribly misspelled Dishonored exciting the crowds in Cologne. New sets of screenshots for both games have been released, each looking excellent. Prey 2‘s richly saturated colours […]

Official Rugby World Cup 2011 Demo Available Now On Xbox LIVE (Tomorrow On PSN)

by Martin Bakeron August 2, 2011
Global video game publisher, 505 Games and developer HB Studios today announced that fans eagerly awaiting the launch of the Official Rugby World Cup 2011 videogame will be able to get hands on with a demo today on Xbox and tomorrow on PSN. The demo features England v South Africa with the match set in […]

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Re-Live 1980’s Football In Championship Manager 80’s Legends

by Robin Parkeron March 7, 2011
Time to grow back your old mullet, the 1980’s are back! Beautiful Game Studios, a developmer that is part of Square Enix Europe are commited to taking football fans back in time to an era of crazy haircuts and cheesy cup final songs. Following on from their already released Championship Manager 1970s Legends, the team […]

PES 2011 3D Will Be Available As A 3DS Launch Title

by Mark Bridleon February 7, 2011
Unless you live in a cave, are Amish, or hate new technology and have ended up at this website by mistake, then you will be aware that Nintendo recently announced their new handheld system; the Nintendo 3DS. Arriving in Europe on March 25th, the handheld has just added another high profile title to its list […]

PES 2011 Coming Soon To Windows Phone 7

by Mark Bridleon January 6, 2011
Crap at real football? Regularly humiliated online even though you picked Barcelona and the ten year old who beat you was playing as Burnley? Well, Konami Digital might have answer for you. Pro Evo Soccer 2011 is coming to Windows Phone 7. The game will be focussing on the realism and gameplay from the console […]