Sony Details How to Win an Anniversary PS4

by Dan Nayloron December 15, 2014
Just follow the steps.

Sonic Generations 3DS Review

by Sean Smithon November 29, 2011
We recently reviewed the console version of Sonic Generations, part of this year's 20th anniversary celebration of our beloved spiky blue hero, but how does the Nintendo 3DS version stand up. Find out at

Sonic The Hedgehog Celebrates Twenty Years In Style

by Robin Parkeron July 21, 2011
Sonic The Hedgehog – SEGA’s number one mascot – has now reached the ripe old age of twenty. To celebrate that fact, SEGA have put together a new compilation video for the San Diego Comic-Con with features some of the greatest hits from Team Sonic. It may not feature every single Sonic game you can […]