Salt and Sanctuary hits PS4 next week

by Greg Hillon March 8, 2016
PC and Vita later.

The Bug Butcher hacks it’s way onto PC this month

by Nicola Ardronon January 6, 2016
Would you like to know more?

Choplifter HD Review

by Rik Wortmanon January 17, 2012
Choplifter HD gets its wings off the ground in this review from, was it worth the remake?

Rochard Review

by Darren Kennedyon October 21, 2011
"Rock is hard but Rochard is harder" claims the tag line of this latest PlayStation Network title. It might be hard but is it any good? Let Darren Kennedy tell you all about it.

Dragon Age Legends – Teaser Trailer And More!

by Martin Bakeron February 2, 2011
Yesterday we posted the news about the beta for EA 2D and Bioware’s upcoming Facebook game Dragon Age: Legends becoming active. Today EA have released a few more screenshots along with a teaser trailer to get you really in the mood for some Dragon Age action. As if most of the people who spend a […]