Microsoft to host ‘special’ Forza event at E3

by Greg Hillon May 25, 2016
Horizon 3 expected to be announced.

Dance Central 3 Review

by Colm Ahernon October 25, 2012 gets the dancing fever and reviews the latest Dance Central offering; Dance Central 3. Read the full review at

Assassin’s Creed 3 – Naval Battles Trailer

by Lee Garbutton August 16, 2012
Not sure why an Assassin would fight in someone’s belly-button..Hang on, that’s not right.

First 15 Minutes: Diablo III

by Martin Bakeron May 17, 2012
We take a look at the first fifteen minutes of the Demon Hunter class. Watch the full video at or subscribe to GodisaGeek TV on iTunes.

Warriors Orochi 3 Review

by Sean Smithon April 26, 2012
The third instalment of the Warriors Orochi series has finally made it's way to European shores, but was it worth the wait? Find out with the full review now.

Mass Effect 3: From Ashes Review

by Ray Willmotton March 24, 2012
We take a look at the first piece of DLC from the massively popular Mass Effect 3, From Ashes. For the full review head over to

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Sims 3: Showtime Is All About The Stage

by Rik Wortmanon January 4, 2012
EA give an inside to the latest Sims 3 addition, which has players creating dazzling performances.

DC Universe Online is Going Free-to-Play

by Mark Bridleon September 19, 2011
Sony Online Entertainment have announced that there is going to be big changes in the DC Universe. Beginning in late October, players will be able to download and access DCUO for free on both the PlayStation 3 and PC, changing the business model to a “free to play” structure that is becoming increasingly common in […]

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Review

by Mark Bridleon September 19, 2011
Visible, violent death, and a little bit more.