Multiplayer Microtransactions in Halo 5 – Tables Flipped in Halo Community

by Richard Simpsonon June 19, 2015
Calm down, breathe deeply and relax. Then tidy up.

Halo 4: Majestic Map Pack Review

by Jonny Lewison March 5, 2013
Following hot on the heels of the Crimson Map Pack launched back in January, last week 343 let loose their latest Halo 4 DLC offering , coming in the form of the three map strong Majestic Map Pack.

Microsoft Unveil Options To Enhance Your Halo 4 “Infinity” Multiplayer Experience

by Sean Smithon August 16, 2012
Like any megaton release these days, Halo 4 is going to be available in a number of different forms - with limited editions and whatnot ready to rock from the 6th November launch.