Idles Abbey Road

IDLES: Lock-in Sessions at Abbey Road review

by Sean Smithon August 29, 2020
A bag of Roy Keane

Final Fantasy ‘Final Symphony Concert’ Album Now Available Worldwide

by Richard Simpsonon February 23, 2015
Orchestral Finality never sounded so Enchanting..

Nobuo Uematsu is at Abbey Road making a new Final Fantasy Album

by Nick Gillhamon December 15, 2014
He's collaborating with the London Symphony Orchestra

Rockstar Announce L.A. Noire OST And Remix Albums

by Tony Windebankon May 9, 2011
If you’re an avid collector of movie/game soundtracks and can’t wait for the release of L.A. Noire then good news, as Rockstar today have announced the official soundtrack and remix albums. Inspired by the era which the game is set in, and recorded at the famous Abbey Road, the albums feature classic jazz tracks with […]