Action EArs Podcast: Wrap-Up

by Adam Cookon August 21, 2012
The EA community team are back for their final show as they take us through each of their highlights from gamescom 2012.

Action EArs Podcast: Day Four

by Adam Cookon August 18, 2012
You'll be glad to hear the Muffaccino makes a triumphant return to the ActionEArs podcast on day 4. The team also sit down with Chris Priestly and Jessica Merizan to chat about Community Management, Crysis 3 single player and Jessica's penchant for inter species breeding in the Sims 3 Supernatural.

Action EArs Podcast: Day Three

by Adam Cookon August 17, 2012
Day Three of Action EArs is upon us, don't delay, listen today!

Action EArs Podcast: Day Two

by Adam Cookon August 16, 2012
This second episode focuses on SimCity and Dead Space 3 and very special guest Xzibit!.

Action EArs Podcast: Day One – Press Conference

by Adam Cookon August 15, 2012
Just in case you didn't know, GodisaGeek's very own Ryan Sandrey is in Germany right now, getting behind the scenes access to all things Electronic Arts.