Akai Katana Added To Xbox 360 Games On Demand

by Lee Garbutton August 28, 2012
Take a one-way trip to Bullet Hell (and back)…

A Week in Gaming: 14/05/2012 – 18/05/2012

by Alex Wozniakon May 18, 2012
I hear a rumour, just a rumour mind you, that it’s Friday once again? If this rumour does turn out to be true (and I have reason to believe this may indeed be the case), then it can only mean one thing.

Akai Katana Review

by Sean Smithon May 16, 2012
Yet another superb effort from Cave, this is soundly their finest horizontal scroller since they teamed up with Capcom back in the day, and one which comes with a completely brilliant sense of risk/reward thanks to the Attack/Defence modes and the use of the Phantom. Read the full review at GodisaGeek.com.

Akai Katana Coming to Xbox 360 in North America

by Tarak Fordon March 28, 2012
Rising Star Games have just released a brand new teaser trailer for Akai Katana. Fans can get a glimpse of what they can expect when the side scrolling shoot 'em up hits stores shelves later this year.

Rising Star Games sees a very 3D future

by Ray Willmotton January 19, 2012
Rising Star Games have announced five 3DS Games for 2012