Alien: Isolation Sales Hit 2.1 Million

by Mikhail Madnanion May 11, 2015
Where's that sequel announcement then?

For Your Amusement: Aliens: Colonial Marines

by Colm Ahernon October 7, 2014
Y'see, long-time fans of the series will love that because...

Alien: Isolation Review

by Adam Cookon October 3, 2014
All by myself

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Extended Alien: Isolation TV Advert released

by James Bowdenon September 27, 2014
On TV, screams are fairly audible.

New Alien Isolation Vignette Released

by James Bowdenon September 20, 2014
They can hear you scream...

Alien: Isolation Trailer Shows Original Cast Reminisce

by Adam Cookon July 24, 2014
Ripley, believe it or not