Aliens: Colonial Marines has been completely revamped by modders

by Greg Hillon April 4, 2016
Xenomorphs now "truly terrifying foes to face".

Ten Bad Games That Are Still Worth Playing

by Mick Fraseron July 23, 2015
Not all bad games are irredeemable.

For Your Amusement: Aliens: Colonial Marines

by Colm Ahernon October 7, 2014
Y'see, long-time fans of the series will love that because...

2013 in Review – Part One

by Colm Ahernon January 1, 2014
LucasArts, THQ, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Star Wars


by Jonny Lewison July 23, 2013
Whisper it quietly..

Aliens: Colonial Marines Single Player DLC is on the Way

by Colm Ahernon July 8, 2013
Game over, man..oh wait...maybe not

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Sells 1.3 Million Copies – Bad Public! Go Think About What You’ve Done

by Ben Skipperon May 10, 2013
Sega's critically panned first person shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines has sold over 1.3 million copies

Sega and Gearbox Hit with Class Action Lawsuit Over Aliens: Colonial Marines

by Ben Skipperon May 2, 2013
Any sense of pride Sega and Gearbox may have had for creating one of the worst games of the year has been squashed.

Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U is Cancelled

by Colm Ahernon April 6, 2013
Sega has confirmed that Wii U owners won't get the chance to play Aliens: Colonial Marines, any time soon.