Guild Wars 2 Season 2 Is About to Kick Off

by Mike Stubbsyon October 20, 2014
Halloween fun

Cutthroat Politics update brings voting to Guild Wars 2

by James Bowdenon July 23, 2013
Chick or lion dude, you choose.

ArenaNet Reopen Sales for Guild Wars 2

by Adam Cookon September 11, 2012
Not only did Guild Wars 2 hit the top spot in the UK Charts when it was released, but ArenaNet have now decided to let people buy Guild Wars 2 again.

Guild Wars 2 Top Of the Hit Parade, and Big With Critics

by Sean Smithon September 8, 2012
In an unsurprising development, NCsoft/ArenaNet's trailblazing new MMO sequel Guild Wars 2 is riding high at the top of the charts today in no less than 10 European countries, a mere ten days after release.