A new Pacer track has been released

by Mick Dohertyon September 23, 2019
Pace yourself

Australian ratings board refuses classification to Hotline Miami 2

by Nick Gillhamon January 15, 2015
Definitely not for the squeamish

The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura to be Distributed by Lace Mamba Global in the UK and Australia

by Martin Bakeron September 15, 2011
Cranberry Production, the developers of the very successful horror adventure games Black Mirror 2 and 3, recently announced their new adventure game project The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura, which will take players into a legendary, sinister medieval world of the year 1514, when the Inquisition took place. Lace Mamba Global is going to distribute The […]

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We Sing Franchise Expands With German And Australian Exclusive Versions

by Martin Bakeron February 4, 2011
Most of you will have had at least some experience with the We Sing franchise, whether that’s seeing it being played somewhere or even taking part in a little sing-a-long yourself. Maybe your only interaction with it is reading our thoughts about the recently released Robbie Williams version. Either way, if you’re one of our […]