With Burnout Crash! Coming to iOS soon, David Hasselhoff Gets in on the Action

by Robin Parkeron April 6, 2012
Burnout CRASH! is coming soon to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad this month with huge pile-ups, mega disasters and more!

EA Unveils New Burnout Crash! Racing Title

by Robin Parkeron July 8, 2011
Electronic Arts and Criterion Games – the creators of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – have come out and announced a new downloadable racing game for Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network, entitled Burnout Crash! The Crash mode that was always a popular staple of past Burnout games will be the focus for this arcade-style […]

EA Announces Need For Speed: The Run

by Martin Bakeron May 5, 2011
Get ready to rip up the road! Adrenaline junkies and speed fiends will find themselves on the wrong side of the law this November when they race for their lives in Need for Speed: The Run from Electronic Arts. The hottest blockbuster this holiday is a game that takes players on a heart-pounding cross-country race […]

Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed – Autolog Customisation Video 1

by Martin Bakeron March 7, 2011
What happens when racing stars Matt Powers and Vaughn Gittin Jr get together for a little one on one with Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed? Exactly the same as what happens to every other competitive person who takes part in the Autolog feature of the Need For Speed franchise. Things get said that probably […]

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

by Asim Tanviron November 28, 2010
Game: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Developer: Criterion Games Publisher: Electronic Arts Available on: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii and iPhone (Xbox 360 version reviewed) From the recent release of Shift to the slightly older Underground, the Need for Speed series has gone down many routes since its inception back in 1994. Thanks to […]

Power Struggle – Powered By Autolog

by Asim Tanviron November 15, 2010
The Power Struggle might be over, but Roll Deep and Ben Collins are still at it. This time around there are no chases going on, just a whole lot of taunting. This latest video featuring the Urban Music Award winning group and the man formerly known as “The Stig” is all about showing you folks […]

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Autolog System Explained

by Asim Tanviron October 14, 2010
If you’ve been keeping up to date with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit related news, then you will probably be aware of the games autolog feature. However, if you’re still not sure about how it works, then you will want to check out this new video EA have just released. The games producer, Matt Webster […]

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Autolog Recommends Trailer

by Asim Tanviron September 3, 2010
We all love to get one up on our friends, no matter what the game. It’s a simple fact. That feeling when you beat your chum of several years, it’s special. The upcoming Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is looking to take that aspect to the next level with its “autolog” system. How does it […]