Square Enix Reveal More Hitman: Absolution Details

by Martin Bakeron May 12, 2011
IO Interactive, part of Square Enix Europe, today followed up their little tease from the other day by releasing a few more details about the upcoming addition to the popular Hitman franchise, Hitman: Absolution. Hitman: Absolution follows Agent 47, a cold blooded assassin, who takes on his most dangerous contract to date. Betrayed by those […]

Square Enix Gives Us A Tease Of Hitman: Absolution

by Martin Bakeron May 10, 2011
It’s been teased and hinted at since the release of the last Hitman game, Hitman: Blood Money, but Square Enix and the developers IO Entertainment are finally almost ready to unveil what they’ve been working on, when they haven’t been making Kane & Lynch games. Agent 47 is back! In order to tease us even […]