Codemasters Release Tilt-Shift Video Footage Of Ken Block’s Battersea Gymkhana Video

by Martin Bakeron June 17, 2011
If you’ve already seen Ken Block’s Battersea Gymkhana video that was shown a couple of weeks back, on the run up to the release of DiRT 3 then you might wonder why you’d want to see it again. Well, there’s one REALLY good reason why. Tilt-Shift. Following the 500k+ view success of Ken Block’s DiRT […]

Ken Block To Slide Around Battersea Power Station In The Name Of DiRT3

by Martin Bakeron April 7, 2011
Most of us think that the things we do in video games can’t actually be done in real life. For most of us that simple fact is good enough for us not to go out and attempt to kill ourselves attempting something we’ve only ever managed before in a video game. Ken Block is not […]