PlayStation Plus Freebies for July Confirmed, August Leaked too?

by Adam Cookon June 19, 2013
Running out of superlatives, actually...

Battlefield 3: End Game Expansion Trailer Unleashed

by Sean Smithon January 31, 2013
All you fans of mega war shooter Battlefield 3 get a huge treat this March with the four distinct maps in the all-new Battlefield 3: End Game digital expansion pack.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC Welcomed into Existence with a Launch Trailer

by Adam Cookon November 27, 2012
In this new pack you'll get four new maps, as well as new vehicles and the all-new crossbow weapon, as well as the Scavenger game mode, which starts players with a pistol and tasks them with finding new, more powerful weapons.

Action EArs Podcast: Wrap-Up

by Adam Cookon August 21, 2012
The EA community team are back for their final show as they take us through each of their highlights from gamescom 2012.

Action EArs Podcast: Day Five

by Adam Cookon August 20, 2012
Joined by Mike Reed, Producer on Crysis 3, the EA Community team talk about Battlefield 3 Armored Kill, Need For Speed Most Wanted and of course, Crysis 3.

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Battlefield 3 Premium Edition Revealed

by Tarak Fordon August 14, 2012
EA today revealed Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, if you're yet to pick up one of 2011's best shooters, now is the perfect time.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC Details

by Tarak Fordon July 28, 2012
Battlefield 3's third expansion Armored Kill isn't due out till September, despite this DICE have decided to release the first details for the forth piece of DLC, Aftermath.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Trailer

by Tarak Fordon July 19, 2012
If you found Battlefield 3's last expansion Close Quarters a little too restrictive, you may want to take a look at Armored Kill.