Experience Trials HD & Trials HD – Big Thrills For Much Less In The Spring Special!

by Martin Bakeron April 12, 2011
If you heard our latest podcast, and our interview with the great guys over at RedLynx, then you’re probably well aware that they make a tiny game called Trials HD. If, for some unknown reason, you haven’t been and bought Trials HD yet then you’re in luck, or at least you will be on this […]

Trials HD “Big Thrills” DLC Available Now

by Adam Cookon December 1, 2010
The wonderful Trials HD (available now on Xbox LIVE Arcade) has just had some new content released for it!.  Called “Big Thrills”, this pack adds 40 new tracks (including 10 community designed tracks), 50 more gamerscore points and 3 new achievements, all available for 400 Microsoft Points. Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx: “Our fans have […]