Blacklight: Tango Down Available Today

by Niraj Shahon October 26, 2010
Blacklight: Tango Down hits the PlayStation Store later today, and to celebrate its release, Sony have released a brand-new, exclusive gameplay video and a piece of never-before seen concept art. Blacklight is a fast-paced, action-oriented, first-person shooter that takes place in 25 years in the future. In the game, players take control of an elite [...]

Blacklight: Tango Down PSN Launching With Bonus Map!

by Adam Cookon October 22, 2010
As we mentioned when we brought you the news of the PSN release date for Blacklight: Tango down, there will be other content exclusive to the PSN version, and just announced is a new map called “Crossover”. Crossover is “an all-new map that draws players into the financial district just as it turns into a […]

Blacklight Tango Down PSN Release date and Details Announced

by Adam Cookon October 19, 2010
After the well recieved launch of Blacklight Tango Down on Xbox Live Arcade and PC, the game has finally gotten a release date and price for Sony’s PlayStation Network! The game will be released on the 3rd of November and will be priced at £9.99. Obviously the market for first person shooter games is a […]

Blacklight: Tango Down Hits Xbox Live Tomorrow

by Aaron Sullivanon July 6, 2010
Yes, that “AAA” DLC title you’ve probably been waiting for is finally hitting Xbox Live on 7th of July (yes, that’s tomorrow for those of you who hadn’t realised). Blacklight which, can only be described as a mix between Bladerunner and Call of Duty will be available for download as early as tomorrow for a healthy 1200 […]