Sky Cinema is going Sci-Fi for a whole month

by Nick Gillhamon September 4, 2017
Seems logical to me captain.

Gemini Rue: Collector’s Edition Review

by Robin Parkeron March 3, 2012
In the review of the Point and Click Adventure Game, Gemini Rue, we take a look at the dystopian world created by Joshua Nuernberger.

The GodisaGeek Retro Corner: Blade Runner

by Robin Parkeron May 6, 2011
Game: Blade Runner (1997) Developer: Westwood Studios Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment Originally Released on: Windows PC Currently Available on: Currently Unavailable Video games which have been adapted from films are notorious for being rush-jobs or ill-conceived spin-offs. All too often, the game sticks so closely to the plot of the film that there are no […]